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The Legacy River Kwai Resort as part of STC Group
Posted by thelegacyresort On Thu 19 Dec, 2019

The Legacy River Kwai Resort as part of STC Group

The STC (ST for Sang Thai Bangpakong and C for Capital Rice) is known for providing customers the best quality and services in multiple areas such as tapioca, rice, logistics, trading, woodchips and organic products. All of those branches have one thing in common. Not only are they being led with passion and dedication they are operating under the caring eyes of a family member, as STC can proudly state it is a second generation family business. This strong bond is the pulsing heart of the whole company and with its four chambers or in this case four pillars, Corporate Harmony, Eager to Excel,  Far Sighted and Integrity, a continuous run of success is guaranteed. All these attributes and a team of enthusiastic employees are the secret behind our resort. With executive director Khun Wanlop and general manager Khun Pa the Legacy Kwai River Resort benefits from a devoted and powerful team. 

Khun Wanlop being one of the responsible figures for this business branch is not only a great choice it is much more a sign of commitment and willingness to grow and evolve. Being a father on his own he very much understands the process behind reaching adulthood. Though the Legacy Kwai River Resort is not a child anymore, it is in a state of evolving and adjusting to the next level. With him as a somebody who helps with this process, the best foundation is already made. 

Introducing a new concept of sustainability and multiple fitting projects, the Legacy Kwai River Resort is entering a state of conversion to a land of Nature and Wellness to nurture your health and soul. With the implementation of a zero waste policy, a composting cycle, organic cultivation, an aim towards no more use of chemicals and the production of organic body products within the resort, we are affectively reducing our ecological footprint and implementing an honest approach to different corporate social responsibility projects. The STC and the Legacy River Kwai are looking towards a bright future for the environment, the region, all employees and especially for you as a guest.


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