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The Legacy River Kwai Resort and Somboon Legacy cooperation
Posted by thelegacyresort On Thu 02 Jan, 2020

A vision, the right partner, timing and a pinch of luck are quite often the ingredients for great things to happen.In our case it was very much the same.

Back in late 2018, The Legacy Kwai River Resort was already gradually changing its concept to an Eco friendly Health & Wellness Center, with sustainable projects like a zero waste policy, leftover food composting cycles and organic cultivation of vegetables. As well as a Community hub and Training Centre for education and seminars. ‘A land of nature and wellness to nurture your health and soul’ is our slogan and more so our mission. With a wide variety of fitting projects, we had already chosen a path for the future. At the same time, an enthusiastic and determined animal-loving woman was searching for the right place to start a project which will change the way we look at wild animals forever. Her big vision was focused on big animals. Elephants. After years of experience working with Elephants and seeing them mistreated every day the idea of a “hands-off” foundation and education center to treat Elephants ethically was born. Visiting the Legacy Kwai River Resort for the first time it was clear to her that this place was not only the ideal location more so the accordance of conviction were so obvious that it took less than a week until both parties agreed on a collaboration and the Somboon Legacy Foundation was born here within The Legacy Kwai River Resort. This concentration of dedication, enthusiasm and corporate social responsibility are now our base for a bright future.

Be a part of this exciting movement and visit us in the gorgeous province of Kanchanaburi surrounded by impressive natural landscapes, majestic mountains and the soothing Kwai River.


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