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How You Can Help Reduce Waste
Posted by thelegacyresort On Thu 19 Mar, 2020

   One of the most important things we can do to protect our environment is to find ways to reduce waste and move towards a more waste-free lifestyle.

  Our escalating consumerism is continually producing more waste, which is not only filling dumps but also eating up the Earth’s limited resources. We constantly produce, package, and distribute more and more stuff that we will eventually have to throw away. On a grand scale, the world’s waste problem may seem insurmountable. But we can all contribute to solving this issue by finding inventive ways to reduce our food and toxic waste, as well as generally limiting our landfill contributions. In this article, we provide 3 easy and efficient ways to reduce waste.


    Compostable items open up a wonderful path to living a waste-free existence. Composting is one of the greenest things we can do - it’s also one of the best ways to reduce food waste in your home. When we compost at home, it means that less trash is sent to the landfill, and it improves the earth by enriching the soil. Many common household items are also now available in a compostable form. Compostable packaging is becoming more and more common. We can buy organic versions of typically plastic items such as bamboo toothbrushes, natural loofahs, etc. If it can be made out of wood or something natural, then there is likely a compostable version of it.


        Reusable products are a huge part of the waste-free lifestyle. Luckily, for many of us, this kind of thinking has already begun. Reusable grocery bags and water bottles are found almost everywhere. But there are many other practical reusable items we can all integrate into our daily routines. Cloth or netted shopping bags can hold produce rather than plastic bags. Thailand recently put a ban on plastic shopping bags, causing people to be inventive and think of other ways to buy products in-store without a plastic bag. Even if the country you live in doesn’t have this ban, we can all make a conscious decision to choose reusable products in order to reduce waste.


       Disposable items have been sold to us with a ruse of convenience. In reality, they’re creating a huge mess that someone at some point is going to have to clean up. Is that really the sort of inheritance we want to leave for our generation’s kids and grandkids? Instead, why not take some time to dine in instead of having take-out? This means no plastic bags, no Styrofoam containers, no plastic flatware, no tiny packages of condiments, no to-go cups, and no straws. We can avoid using disposable Styrofoam or plastic plates at home. We can refuse to contribute to plastic bag pollution by taking our own reusable bags. There are also many other commonly consumed items we can easily do without, such as disposable razors, tiny toiletries, and diapers that cost a fortune. Why not think long-term and buy long-lasting, reusable, low-waste versions instead? Disposability hasn’t added nearly as much convenience as it has a cost, both environmentally and economically. Next time you go to buy something, ask yourself if it is disposable and good for a single-use, or if you can reuse the item many times and keep for a long time.

These 3 tips are easy ways to integrate waste reduction into your decisions and actions you take every day. With these small changes, we can make a huge difference to the planet if we each do our part for the planet.

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