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How to come up with New Year resolutions for your life path?
Posted by thelegacyresort On Fri 27 Dec, 2019

All over internet you can find information relating to the top goals and best habits to incorporate in the new year, but we believe that those goals and habits that are really important for our growth shouldn’t be found in the internet, but within our own soul. How then to phrase a good resolution for a new year?

1. Make a soul searching

First of all, let’s think if we really need a resolution? Maybe we actually feel good with where we are right now and don’t feel the need to change something just to follow a tradition. After all, nothing is obligatory, you should just do what you feel you want to do. Changing habits for the better is a good idea at any time of a year, but we agree that there is something very special about the beginning of new year. We suggest you to sit in a quiet place, calm your mind and think about how you want to feel, not what you want to get in a specific areas of your life. This is a very personal process that requires a deep look within. Those areas may be:

    • Health & movement;

    • Relationships: partner, friends, family;

    • Career & skills; and

    • Home & environment.

You can obviously come up with your own categories, whatever speaks to you best. Here, we have chosen to concentrate on feelings, because they light up our imagination and help us to stay motivated. It’s so much more convincing when we imagine how we feel in healthier body than to merely set a goal, such as “I’ll work out every day”. Feeling like you are already there helps you manifest your dreams, so take a notebook and write down specifics of what you want each of those specific areas of your life to look with emphasis on how will you feel in this reality.

2. Make sure you do it for yourself

Here, we want to think about WHY we’re choosing those speicifc aspects as significant for our life path. This is important step, because we’re making sure that our vision comes from the inside and not from external sources. Many people and things have an impact on us – parents, friends, education, famous influencers, surroundings and the system we live in. Add to this: past traumas, toxic patterns and many other things that mislead us and we have already lost our natural vision and been programmed and conditioned to a certain way of thinking without us even realising that it has happened. This is why we want to answer a question – “why”? Let’s take one of the most popular new year resolutions, weight loss. After recognizing the feeling, you want to bring into your life ask yourself a question – “why do I find it important for my path”? Is it because I want to take better care of myself and make sure I eat the right food and move my body to benefit my overall health or is the reason is to impress other people and fall into typical beauty standards? Make sure you do it for you, not to impress others, satisfy their expectations or follow a path similar to somebody elses.

3. Write down actionable steps for each zone

Now we move into the action. Break your vision into few actionable steps you can take to get a little closer to that feeling you visualized earlier. We want to turn our general vision into small, acheivable steps you can take within a certain timeframe – today, this week, this month. Every dream requires some planning and discipline. You can plan ahead goals for upcoming week that, in the long term, will bring you closer to your vision.

4. Be gentle with yourself and forgive mistakes

New Year resolutions are often repeated from the previous year and that’s because first wave of motivation passes very quickly and we tend to simply give up as soon as first challenges appear. When we take a more spiritual approach to changing our habits and affecting our reality, we should remember that we don’t want to change merely the behaviours, but also our mindset. And it doesn’t happen overnight. We will make mistakes and fall back into old patterns sometimes, but this is not a reason to give up completely. Hold into your vision and read your notes on what you would like those specific areas of your life to look like. Call back those feelings, delve into them again. Reminding yourself of the feeling and not only the goal will help you to stay on track.

There’s something incredibly uplifting about knowing that we can change our lives if we only have some good will, patience, discipline and most of all – a clear vision. We hope you will find your answers within and follow that call to your life’s path. Happy New Year!

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