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History of Spirit Houses in Thailand’s Culture
Posted by thelegacyresort On Fri 10 Jan, 2020

History of Spirit Houses in Thailand’s Culture

       In Thailand Buddhist philosophy culture blends with mysticism and superstitions. Often gathering in golden temples to pray to Buddha statutes and offer money and food to different gods to get rid of misfortunes and attract good luck. Thai culture is superstitious and they strongly believe in ghosts and mystic energy, which is everywhere and can make your life rich and happy or sad and miserable. One manifestation of such beliefs is Spirit Houses or San Phra Phum in Thai. You can find spirit houses just about everywhere in Thailand, from a local business to a private residence.

        A Spirit House in Thailand, looks like a colorful miniature temple. It’s always decorated with flowers and surrounded with bowls of fruit and glasses, filled with red liquid. The red liquid is usually, strawberry-flavored Fanta. The idea behind it is that friendly spirits will congregate to enjoy free food and drink and their presence will ward off malign spirits. The popularity of red Fanta offerings has existed for decades. The history of the Fanta varies but most state the significance of the color red, reminiscent of animal sacrifice. It is also said to be a lucky color in Thai Culture.

Preparation for setting up a spirit house:

         Before Thai people set up a Spirit House, they must consult the services of a Brahman priest or Buddhist monk. it is largely dependent on the owner’s astrological chart to find the perfect match. A Brahman priest or Buddhist monk will also use the owner’s astrology to determine the color and size of the spirit house. Based on the culture of Thailand, its location should preferably be in front of a tree, should not be on the left side of a door, and should not face a toilet or a road.

          A Spirit House in Thailand should only be put up with an elaborate and sacred ceremony. Based on their culture, the ceremony begins with food being laid out, followed by the land buying ritual to show respect to the Goddess of the Earth; she then responds by clearing away negative energy from the land. The Brahman priest or Buddhist monk will then remove any curses or evil spirits on the land. After preparation is complete

Tips for tourists

         In your travels around Thailand you’ll almost certainly see Spirit Houses with red liquid set outside as an offering. This isn’t just a drink for the spirits however, but a religious offering.  Travel like a local by making your offering if you have the chance. Fruit, 5-baht coin or Fanta is a great way show respect or to gain blessings!

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