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Enjoy your stay and participate in various activities!

Health & Wellness 

Want to relax, keep fit, meditate?

Succumb to our massages, our aquatic and sports activities, our meditation sessions, or benefit from medical assistance if necessary!

Find here all the details of our varied offer!

Somboon Legacy

Do you know that by staying with us you wake up just a few meters from our elephants, Malee and Kammoon?

Get to know them!  Book your day with them.


To complete your knowledge of elephants, visit our interactive museum!  Learn while having fun and be unbeatable on this prehistoric giant!


Get comfortable!  We organize for you karaoke nights, movie nights, philosophy tea afternoons, trivia nights or even board games!

Green Day

As you know, it’s important to preserve and respect our planet. There is no better place to get to know her better. You can picnic, learn how to create your own shampoo or natural soap, learn how to reach a goal zero waste or learn how to make your own compost for example!


Crafts, cooking, etc. Don’t stop enriching yourself! Learn with us some skills.


Here you have the choice! We have already mentioned our elephants, but that's not all. In addition to fireflies, crickets, geckos, birds, butterflies, you can participate as a farmer with our flock of sheep!


If you decide to stay for a long time with us, we would like to offer you different types of activities per category throughout this period of time. To make it more interesting, attractive and fun for you, each activity will last approximately 45-60 mins/day. What better than to take the time to discover many activities in a unique environment, to take time for yourself, your body and your mind, while feeling at home and being accompanied by professionals.

We cover 9 key health categories. Each category has its own purpose, but regularly practised together these will keep you healthy in body and mind. Each category provides different activities from which you may choose.

Contact us for more details or for more customization!

Enjoy your stay and participate in various activities!

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