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Tel: (034) 673 635-38 , (063) 875 5380-83
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The Legacy Resort is a log-cabin country home style property, 

perched on the bank of the River Kwai Noi, serving as a quiet, green. and ideal venue for families, groups,

and the health conscious for rest and relaxation, as well as for healthy living experiences.


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The Legacy Resort is about 154 kilometers away from Bangkok, and only 26 kilometers from Kanchanaburi downtown. On 120 acres, amidst a mountainous range, Green forest and the sparkling Kwai Noi River, 
this green land and natural park-like resort and hotel is nestled, among a beautifully landscaped 
environment with meandering waterways.

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Tel: (034) 673 635-38 , (063) 875 5380-83
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